ZORTUNG 4 in 1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set Battery Operated Automatic Corkscrew Cordless Cork Remover Kit Includes Vacuum Pump Stopper Foil Cutter...




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Color: Black
ZORTUNG 4 IN 1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set– Easily enjoy the Wine, Easily enjoy the Life.
ZORTUNG Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit include a complete set of wine accessories:
❤ One-Touch Operation Opener— 3 Simple steps, remove a cork in seconds , fantastic for wine lovers!
❤ Pull-out Vacuum Wine Stopper-Made with food grade material, extends freshness to 7 days by removing air in bottle.
❤ Twist Foil Cutter— Remove seals with one quick twist, avoiding using corkscrew in a dangerous and difficult way,and can be locked at the Bottom of wine opener to prevent you being hurt by the spiral.
❤ Drip-Free Wine Pourer— Bottle pourer spout ensures drip-proof ,the wine pourer is made of food grade material and ergonomically designed ,predictable flow-control.
1 * Electric wine opener
1 * Foil Cutter
1 * Vacuum Stopper
1 * Wine Pourer
1 * User’s Manual
1 4 AA Alkaline batteries Required.
2 Read the user manual carefully BEFORE using!
3 NOT for opening Champagne, Sparkling, Plastic Cork, and Screw Cap!
4 DO NOT put your finger into HOLE of corkscrew!
Use Instructions:
Electric Wine Opener
1. Cut and remove foil using the foil cutter.
2. Push the wine bottle opener down on the cork, vertically.
3. Press the Extract button until the cork is fully removed.
4. Press the Release button until the cork is fully released.
Wine Pourer
1. Insert the wine pourer into the bottle neck.
2. Pour your wine out with the wine pourer.
Wine Vacuum Pump Stopper
1. Insert the stopper into the bottle.
2. Expel air by pumping until you feel Resistance.

❤ Easily Remove The Corks In Seconds -The Electric Wine Opener Can Open Wine Easily In Seconds, No Embarrassment Of Broken Corks And Enjoy The Wine Immediately.
❤ 4 in 1 Collection of Wine Lover-Electric Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and the Pull-out Vacuum Wine Stopper,The Great Stopper Make With Food Grade Material, Extends Freshness To 7 Days By Removing Air In Bottle.
❤ Suitable for different places and occasions- Essential electric corkscrew for home, restaurant, party, bar, Holiday celebration and wedding.
❤ Powerful and compatible with most wine bottle sizes- Able to uncork up to 60 bottles with 4 PCS AA full power batteries,easy carrying without worrying about the power (based on lab testing, batteries NOT included in the box).
❤ Top Grade Appearance And Gift Box Packaging-Perfect Gifts For Birthdays And Holidays.


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