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Zero Waste and Eco-friendly — One more step closer to a zero waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way; Get 15 pack reusable and durable bags, great addition to your goal of being plastic free and helping the environment,and each mesh bags has the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over it’s lifetime.
Safety and Lightweight — BPA free and 100% food contact safe, with the highest standards of quality, safely hold all your fresh produce. Made of ultra fine yet strong mesh polyester, the mesh bag is super lightweight that it won’t add weight to your produce.
Scan Through Easily — Unlike most non-transparent mesh bags from other brands, our produce bags is nearly transparent so you can easily see through the bag to know what’s inside;bar-codes will scan right in the bag so that the cashier will be able to see the item numbers and also make your checkout faster.
Prefect for Keeping Smaller Items — With set of 15 pcs 12″x8″ size bags,which holds about 8 apples, perfect for stuffing smaller items such as tangerine,tomatoes, and beans and placing them into larger bags to keep them organized; No need to waste time double handling your produce when you get home from the market, simply wash the fruits and veggies in the bag, allow to dry,and store it directly.
Easy to clean — Not easy to stain unlike cotton mesh bags and if something gets a little gross on them, just rinse it with water or wash them in cold water. We recommended hand wash, machine wash in cold water and no machine dry, then they are good to go again,no problem!

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